Chris Mallett Memorial Concert 2008

Musical evening at Torrance Corps features young musicians.

by Edie Jenkins –

Chris Mallett was divisional music secretary for the Southern California Division from 1986 until his sudden promotion to Glory in 2000. He also served as bandmaster at the Torrance, Calif. corps. He is remembered for his spiritual influence upon many young people as well as his skill in music instruction. The annual concert in his memory raises funds to send youth to the Southern California Division’s school of music each summer.

The recent Chris Mallett memorial concert at the Torrance Corps raised sufficient funds to send eight children to the School of Music at Mt. Crags Camp in 2009. Torrance Corps Officer Major Julio Vasquez remarked: “The Chris Mallett concert was a great opportunity for Salvationists, families and friends to come together and continue celebrating the legacy of love that Chris left for us.”

Songster Leader Martin Hunt (Pasadena Tabernacle) served as master of ceremonies for the program, which featured performances by young musicians. Special guest Nick Helms (Pasadena Tabernacle) brought three cornet solos: “When I Remember” (Catherwood), “Love Cannot Fail” (arr. Baab), and “Clear Skies” (Ball). The cast of the youth musical, Christmas Conversation, with leader Jacqui Larsson, offered the songs “365” and “Children of Love” (arr. Taylor), and Loreal Salvado sang “The Power of Your Love.” Jonah Perine played a euphonium solo, “Peter, Go Ring Them Bells” (Bulla), and the junior band, led by Corey Moore, performed an arrangement of “Here I Am to Worship” (arr. Watson).

The Torrance Band (Bandmaster Kevin Larsson) presented “Cornerstone” (Mackereth) and “Amazing Race” (Mackereth). A highlight was the band’s offering of “Pie Jesu” (arr. Steadman-Allen), featuring a vocal duet by Jenna Gleason and Marjory Watson.

The Torrance Songsters (Songster Leader David Mallett) offered “I’ve Been Changed” (Lister), “Blessings Galore” (Bird/Phillips), “Psalm 91” (Watson), and “Standing on the Promises” (arr. Hayes).

Following a devotional message by Major Stephen Smith, the band’s final piece was “My Comfort and Strength” (Bowen).

“It was a pleasure to be in attendance at the annual Chris Mallett Concert,” said Hunt. “Chris was a man who dedicated his life to mentoring and encouraging young musicians both here in the Western Territory and in his homeland. As a former student of Chris it was exciting to see the legacy of good music making at the Torrance Corps. Each group that participated did so with enthusiasm and obvious love of music—something Chris would have been proud of.

“As the band, songsters, singing company and youth band, along with featured soloists, shared their music,” Hunt added, “it was obvious that the trainers and leaders at Torrance are committed to excellence in ministry preparation.”

Chris had a personal influence on Vasquez’s own family. “He was Jonathan’s and Rachel’s teacher, but more than that he was their friend,” he said. “Now to see them playing in the Torrance Band brings great joy to us. He really made a difference in our kids’ lives and the lives of countless more.”

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