Childcare at Commissioning

Childcare will be provided for the following events: Christian Education Summit, Saturday evening musical, and Sunday Commissioning events. The fee will be $5 per child per event. If there is more than one child in the family, the fee will be $3 per child per event.

Please note that childcare for all events ­ including the Christian Education Summit ­ will be at the Sheraton Cerritos Hotel (opposite the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts). Pre-registration is advised.

Childcare will accept children up to the age of 8. Childcare will open 60 minutes before each event and will close 30 minutes after. Please comply with these time constraints! (A late fee will be charged on a per-minute basis).

Once you have registered your child(ren), please do not visit them. Mothers with infants will need to make feeding arrangements when leaving their child(ren). Please make sure you send in a completed childcare registration form to the Territorial Youth Department no later than May 20th.

All events are ticketed events. Children will also need tickets.

Translations available during Commissioning Weekend

Translations available during Commissioning Weekend

BY GEIR ENGØY –  Commissioning 2001 is coming up fast

Promoted to Glory

Promoted to Glory


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