Changes of appointment – July 14

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Territorial Commander Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder announced the following changes of appointments, effective August 30, 2017, unless otherwise indicated:


Commissioner Jolene Hodder

Additional Responsibility: Territorial Silver Star Secretary

Effective June 28

Lt. Colonel Michele Lescano,

Territorial Women’s Ministries Program Secretary

Effective June 28


Personnel Services

Lieutenants Reyna and Sidney Salcido

Awaiting Overseas Assignment —Special Assignment



Major Anna Phillips, Secretary for Business Production

Major Jack Phillips, Secretary for Business Retail

Lt. Colonel Pamela Strickland, Administrator for Program, Canoga Park, California**

Lt. Colonel Ron Strickland, Administrator for Business, Canoga Park, California**

Major Catherine Boyd, Administrator for Program, Anaheim, California

Major James Boyd, Administrator for Business, Anaheim, California

Major Paul Chouinard, Administrator for Business, Tucson, Arizona

Major Rachel Chouinard, Administrator for Program, Tucson, Arizona

Major John Desplancke, Administrator for Business, San Jose, California

Major Linnea-Lynne Desplancke, Administrator for Program, San Jose, California

Major Dennis Earnhart, Administrator for Business, Phoenix, Arizona

Auxiliary Captain Adriana Earnhart, Administrator for Program, Phoenix, Arizona

Major Carl Earp, Administrator for Business, Long Beach, California**

Major Ron Fenrich, Administrator for Business, Sacramento, California

Major Ronalee Fenrich, Administrator for Program, Sacramento, California

Major Richard Larson, Associate Administrator for Business, Riverside, California

Major Tammy Larson, Associate Administrator for Program, Riverside, California

Major Tony Markiewicz, Administrator for Business, San Francisco, California

Major Jessica Markiewicz, Administrator for Program, San Francisco, California

Major Courtney Stratton, Administrator for Program, Portland, Oregon

Major Darren Stratton, Administrator for Business, Portland, Oregon

Major Darren Trimmer, Administrator for Program, Pasadena, California

 Major LeAnn Trimmer, Administrator for Business, Pasadena, California

Major Brian West, Administrator for Business, San Diego, California

Major Iva West, Administrator for Program, San Diego, California

Major Nathalie Young, Administrator for Program, Stockton, California

Major Sylvan Young, Administrator for Business, Stockton, California

Captain David McDaniel, Administrator for Business, Las Vegas, Nevada

Captain Shawn McDaniel, Administrator for Program, Las Vegas, Nevada

Captain Judith Rockey, Administrator for Program, Oakland, California

Captain Timothy Rockey, Administrator for Business, Oakland, California

Captain Allison Struck, Administrator for Program, Denver, Colorado

Captain Ryan Struck, Administrator for Business, Denver, Colorado

Captain Jennifer Swain, Administrator for Program, Seattle, Washington

Captain Paul Swain, Administrator for Business, Seattle, Washington

Lieutenant Jennifer Butler, Administrator for Program, Fresno, California

Lieutenant LeeVale Butler Jr. Administrator for Business, Fresno, California

Lieutenants Dan and Taneya Garrett, Trainees—Anaheim, California

Lieutenant Edith Dye-Mabie, Administrator for Program, Anchorage, Alaska

Lieutenant Richard Mabie, Administrator for Business, Anchorage, Alaska

Lieutenant Leona McGonigle, Administrator for Program, Bakersfield, California

Lieutenant Ray McGonigle, Administrator for Business, Bakersfield, California

Lieutenant Tanya Pemberton, Administrator for Program, Santa Monica, California

Lieutenant Timothy Pemberton, Administrator for Business, Santa Monica, California

Lieutenant Regina Verdugo, Administrator for Business, San Bernardino, California

Lieutenant Victor Verdugo, Administrator for Program, San Bernardino, California

Lieutenant Darrell Williamson, Chaplain, Riverside County, California


Del Oro Division

Major Ray Yant, Corps Officer, Grass Valley, California, Golden State Division

Majors Patricia and Steven Bradley, Corps Officers, Monterey Peninsula, California


Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division

Major Angeline Sholin, Community Care Ministries Secretary and VAVS Secretary*


Intermountain Division

Major Premek Kramerius Divisional Secretary

Captains Angela and John Morrow, Corps Officers, Denver Centennial, Colorado

Effective August 16

Lieutenants Felicia and Sam LeMar, Corps Officers, Aurora, Colorado


Northwest Division

Captain Vickie Harvey, Associate Divisional Secretary for Program, Community Care Ministries Secretary*, Older Adult Ministries Secretary* and VAVS Representative*

Majors Clayton and Pamela Gardner, Corps Officers, Puyallup Valley, Washington


Sierra Del Mar Division

Captains Joni and Joseph Alvarez, Corps Officers, Victor Valley, California


Southern California Division

Majors Melissa and Roberto Viquez, Assistant Corps Officers, Santa Ana Temple, California

Effective July 26


Southwest Division

Captains Robert and Stephanie Lueras, Corps Officers, Bullhead City/Laughlin, Nevada and River Cities Coordinators*

Lieutenants Jeffrey and Katie Breazeale, Corps Officers, Yuma, Arizona

Lieutenants Kimberly and Tim Brown, Associate Corps Officers, North Las Vegas, Nevada


Appointments effective August 30 unless otherwise noted.

* indicates additional responsibilities

**Post retirement service





Major Mario Reyes and Lt. Helen ReyesAugust 2017

Redlands (California) Corps Officers


Major Kit WetterAugust 2017

Red Bluff (California) Corps Officer

Salvation Army to continue military plane crash service throughout investigation

Salvation Army to continue military plane crash service throughout investigation

The Salvation Army has provided 1,773 meals, 2,800 drinks, 575 snacks and prayed

Salvation Army expands support to flooded areas in Northern Illinois

Salvation Army expands support to flooded areas in Northern Illinois

5,800 structures could ultimately be flooded in Lake County alone, according to

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