Change in program accreditation standards

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With accreditation, Army programs can receive incentives.


The Western Territorial Social Services Department recently announced an improved version of the National Social Service Program Accreditation Standards, which were approved at the December 2012 National Social Service Commission meeting.

These standards will be used for pilot Territorial Program Accreditations through June 2013, and will then be modified based on suggestions from the field.

“We believe that these changes will provide a more streamlined and effective process for any program in the territory wishing to use the accreditation standards either for continued program enhancement or in preparation for a Territorial Program Accreditation Review,” said Major Lawrence Shiroma, territorial social service secretary.

This change came in response to the divisions’ desire to reduce the overall size of the accreditation standards document and the amount of time a program would need to prepare for a Territorial Program Accreditation Review. Through the revision process, the number of accreditation standards was reduced by 25 percent and the items requested while preparing for a Program Accreditation Review were reduced by 30 percent.

Programs throughout the territory may consider signing up for a Territorial Program Accreditation Review through the corresponding divisional headquarters. The Territorial Program Accreditation Review is a proven and time-tested way to measure a program’s effectiveness while identifying potential areas for growth and development.  Territorial incentives for participating include up to $2,000 for staff training and development.

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