CFOT at Crestmont: Mission and purpose reaffirmed

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Western Association of School and Colleges grants full accreditation.

by James S. Hartman –

The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges) has reaffirmed the full accreditation status of the Western Territory’s College for Officer Training (CFOT) at Crestmont. This approval reinforces the integrity and worthiness of CFOT’s academic programs and insures that cadet graduates are well positioned to serve The Salvation Army and meet their own individual needs for continuing education and development.

In a stormy world, the message in this accreditation makes those at the college more hopeful, more committed and more motivated to fulfill their mission.

The status allows the cadets to translate their two-year accredited degree into a Bachelor’s degree if they choose to continue their formal education. The reaffirmed status also promotes the assignment of the best-qualified and most perceptive officers to teach at the college, inspiring and modeling Salvationist principles and dedication to the cause. Additionally, it inspires dialogue about improving who and what we are and mitigates the gap between what we know and what we need to know to be truly effective officer leaders.

CFOT Principal Major Steve Smith provided invaluable leadership to this effort, which has had the full support of Chief Secretary Colonel William Harfoot and Territorial leaders, Commissioners Philip and Patricia Swyers. Notable leadership at Crestmont also includes Captains Kevin and Linda Jackson, Major Larry Shiroma, Captain Nigel Cross, Major Mario Reyes, Major Marcia Smith, Assistant Principal Major Tim Foley and the Crestmont Council, the governing body chaired by James Reeves.

Soldiers are heart of Army

Soldiers are heart of Army

New members marked by willngness to serve “suffering humanity

Ready, willing and real

Ready, willing and real

Prospective candidates experience weekend at Crestmont

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