Casper students show faith in action


Casper College students deliver over 350 food bags to The Salvation Army.

By Kathy Merritt, Captain

One week after a shooting on campus, Casper (Wyo.) College students rallied to reach out to others when they delivered over 350 food bags to The Salvation Army.

“We will use the gift bags in our Christmas food box distributions,” said Captain Mark Merritt, corps officer, “and I know each recipient will be thrilled with the contents, including the card proclaiming Christ’s love and a Merry Christmas!”

One young woman, who helped in the food drive and delivery, said, “We want to get the community involved in promoting Christ as the way, the light and the truth.” She referred to Isaiah 58:10, saying that if we spend ourselves for the needy and oppressed, our light will shine like the noonday sun. She represented The Casper Homeless Project, from the Casper College Campus Ventures. This group, she said, understands that the verse means that Christ’s love shines through us as we help those in need in our community.

Each food and gift bag contained soup, granola bars, hygiene products, cookies, crackers, Cup Noodles, and a handwritten Christmas card.

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