Casper Adventure Corps youth rescues girl from drowning

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Kyle Tanner

Quick thinking by an Adventure Corps explorer is credited for saving the life of an 8-year-old Casper, WY, girl.

It was a typical summer day in Casper. The kids from the Salvation Army summer day camp, along with children from another day camp, were enjoying themselves at a public swimming pool. Casper’s youth pastor, Amber Wellborn, was swimming in the deep end with some of the campers, having fun and keeping cool.

In an instant everything changed. A young girl from the other camp saw Amber and wanted to swim to her. She jumped off the side of the pool, ending up about ten feet from the edge, but she couldn’t swim out to Amber. “She went straight down and couldn’t get her head above the water,” said Stacy Antonovich, Casper Explorer leader.

Kyle Tanner was in a different part of the pool and was the only person to see her go under. “He quickly got out and went over to the other area, and jumped in to help the little girl,” said Stacy. “He put his arm under her and pulled her to the edge of the pool. Kyle did this so fast that the lifeguards didn’t know what had happened.”

Fortunately, the girl was fine; she was scared, but physically all right.

Days later, 10-year-old Kyle still didn’t completely understand what he had done for the girl. His only understanding was that he had done something “not of his own strength.” Kyle is still developing his swimming skills; even though he can go in the deep end, he usually doesn’t because he tires easily.

But at that crucial moment, all Kyle saw was a need for help. He didn’t think about any risk to himself; he saw the need of someone else, the Kyle will receive the Adventure Corps’ Life Saving Award for his actions.

Kevin White, territorial boys’ program director, said “This is a great example of putting your own needs aside to help others.”

Kyle, an Explorer for two years, went above and beyond his pledge, and discovered what it means to “find ways to serve Him and help others.”

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