Cascade summit challenges delegates to ‘move forward’

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AT THE RECENT ‘Moving Forward’ summit are Captain Kenneth Hodder, A/Captain Jené Hutchcroft (corps officer), Clarice Jones (Home League Secretary) and Colonel Phil Needham.


‘Moving Forward’ was the theme for the Cascade Division’s recent leadership training event held in Portland, Ore.

Under the guidance of Divisional Leaders Captains Kenneth and Jolene Hodder and their divisional staff, the summit was well-attended by more than 200 delegates from across the division.

The event began as the brain-child of (then) divisional leaders Majors Paul and Carol Seiler to provide high-quality leadership training in a professional-style venue.

Colonel Phil Needham, chief secretary, was the keynote speaker and was supported by territorial guests Captain Judy Smith, Nigel Cross and Major Carol Pontsler.

Delegates were offered a variety of workshops from which to choose, all offered to coincide with parts of the territorial vision statement. Topics included evangelistic outreach, Biblical leadership principles, increasing the “esprit de corps” of church fellowship, incorporating music styles, the unique ministry of women, growing small groups, planning youth and adult events, ministry to older adults, family care giving, and methods of partnering with an Advisory Board. Information was rich and practical, with many readily usable techniques. A resource table provided delegates with additional training materials.

The luncheon session included the recognition of six local officers who had demonstrated service above and beyond the call of duty in their leadership tenure. Expressions of thanks and plaques of commendation were presented by Needham and Hodder.

Eleven new local officers were commissioned during the closing session, and Needham gave a challenge for the future. Delegates returned to their home corps refreshed, invigorated and better equipped to further the cause of Christ and the Army in their own communities.

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