Cascade holds tent revival

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JESSICA HODDER AND Ashley McCaw dress in period costumes for the recent tent revival meeting at Camp Kuralti.


“Olde Tyme Army” was the theme as a record attendance of 357 delegates met at Camp Kuratli recently for an old-fashioned tent meeting revival. The opening session was filled with excitement, including the re-enactment of an old time open-air service, led by “General” Edward Fritz and culminating in the salvation of “Billy Bob Boozer” as he knelt at the drum.

In his keynote message, Captain Kenneth G. Hodder, divisional commander, said that the Army has no need for more and more mild-mannered militia but that we should press God for a “holy heartburn,” to be filled with a fire for the reclamation of souls. Hodder stressed that the altar is not just for sinners but also for the early rising officer, the grudge-bearing soldier and any others with cares beyond their understanding. He emphasized that the only power that works the work of God is his own and is found at the altar.

Special events for children, the “Cascade Family Variety Show,” Life Enrichment groups, outdoor activities and good food all combined to make the weekend one that will long be remembered. For the first time in this division, all services were simultaneously translated into Spanish and Spanish-language afterglow meetings were held each evening. A special highlight was the farewell of Cadet Jessica Snead to the School for Officer Training.

On Sunday morning, a stirring message challenged delegates to go forward armed with a new resolve to be bold ambassadors of the gospel and to reach the unchurched in their own communities, after first bringing their own experience up-to-date. The response to the nudging of the Holy Spirit proved that the message was well-taken and that God is alive and well and working in the Cascade Division.

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