Cascade holds “Family Odyssey” at Kuratli

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“Family Odyssey 2001” was the theme as more than 230 members of the Cascade Division met at Camp Kuratli for three days of meetings geared toward strengthening personal family relationships as well as those related to being part of the family of God.

Immediately preceding the camp meetings, many members of the divisional family participated in four days of holiness teaching and interaction with visiting leaders Commissioners Ronald and Pauline Irwin at the 2nd Annual Cascade Divisional Brengle Institute.

Led by Divisional Leaders Majors Paul and Carol Seiler and supported by the divisional staff, two tracks were offered at the Brengle Institute, each targeting the holiness experience in a believer’s life.

“Old Testament Holiness Roots” was taught by Major Jeff Martin and Captain Roger Davis with the New Testament emphasis being presented by Commissioner Ronald Irwin. Simultaneous to the holiness teaching, a teen track was offered with emphasis given to the comparison of God’s work in creation to one’s personal life. Teens were stretched both physically and spiritually to identify ways the Lord might use their individuality.

The Brengle Institute set the stage for a marvelous camp meeting weekend in which the entire divisional family came together to enjoy fellowship and be blessed and moved by the Holy Spirit of God to a deeper understanding of his work in each individual life. Workshops and Bible studies, group meetings, even recreational times all served to emphasize the joy and empowerment of being led by the Spirit.

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