Carol Pontsler to receive ‘Spirituality and Aging’ award

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Major Carol Pontsler

Major Carol Pontsler, assistant social services secretary for the Western Territory, has been selected to receive the National Inter-faith Coalition on Aging (NICA) “2001 Spirituality and Aging” award.

It will be presented at the NICA award luncheon in March, 2001 at the National Council on the Aging (NCOA) national conference, to be held in New Orleans, LA.

We will intentionally reach out in service and ministry to people of every generation, within all races and cultures.

“This is truly an honor,” said Pontsler. “My association with the National Interfaith Coalition on Aging has in many ways helped shape my concept of the great potential for aging gracefully, both in the theological and sociological sense. Ministry with and for elders is exciting, and our opportunities to tap their wisdom and energy are growing.”

The National Interfaith Coalition on Aging is a diverse network of religious and other related organizations and individual members which promotes the spiritual well-being of older adults and the preparation of persons of all ages for the spiritual tasks of aging.

Several thousand delegates are expected to attend the conference.



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