Can you just walk across the room?

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by Carl Darby –

Most of us take for granted the ability to talk and walk. We also probably look in the mirror daily and ensure we appear half decent before we greet the world. Do we make the most of our talk and actually walk it…while reflecting on how we personify God? Are we true disciples of Jesus? Having absorbed the gospel, do we share it, or do we subscribe to the myth that our faith is private? It’s quite often difficult, but we know we are commissioned by none other than Christ to do so (Matthew 28:26-20) and, furthermore, we are empowered by the Holy Spirit!

During the annual National Seminar on Evangelism, August 9-16, 2008, at the Glen Eyrie Conference Center, Colorado Springs, Col., delegates will have an opportunity to enhance their talk, to share the walk, and to reflect God in their lives.

Join with Salvationists from the four U.S. territories as they participate in Bill Hybels’ exciting, award-winning “Just Walk Across the Room” curriculum. In this study, Hybels brings personal evangelism into the 21st century with a natural and empowering approach modeled after Jesus himself. It will be offered in both English and Spanish language tracks. (Further information can be found at

Learning strategic planning through discipleship and evangelism will result in growth—both in quality and numbers—within your world. Inquire of your corps officer. Go walking!

With no hope or place to turn

With no hope or place to turn

Prayer Power by Mervyn Morelock, Lt

Where Jesus walked

Where Jesus walked

Reflection by Ivan Wild, Major – Since returning from the Holy Land study

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