Camseys enter honored retirement

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GENERAL PAUL RADER (R) conducts Majors Terry and Beryl Camsey’s retirement ceremony.

After an all-too-brief officer career, Majors Terry and Beryl Camsey now enter honored retirement.

General Paul A. Rader (R) conducted their retirement ceremony, held in Long Beach on the Queen Mary. Other participants included Commissioner Kay Rader (R) and speakers Carl George, Dr. Charles Arn, Lt. Colonel Bill Hunter, and Martin and Roz Camsey.

Terry began a career as an environmental health officer. While he was fulfilling his military commitment with the Regimental Band of Her Majesty’s Irish Guards, he and Beryl met and soon were married. Immigrating to the U.S. with Martin and Roz, they left a host of friends as well as the grave of Angela, their first daughter, who died at the age of three.

The Camseys soldiered at Hollywood Tabernacle and later in San Francisco before moving to New York. Assisted by Beryl, Terry was music director for the Greater New York Division and soloist with the New York Staff Band, while Beryl was well known as a singing company leader. In the early ’80s they relocated to No. California.

A bypass operation following a bout with congestive heart failure caused a reappraisal of goals, and they became auxiliary captains. Terry became involved with the principles of church growth, and they were appointed to THQ as evangelism secretary with an emphasis on the subject.

Next came a three-year appointment to the UK, where a long range vision for church growth was framed and a vision action group formed to develop strategy for a five-year milestone vision. Back at Crestmont, they first were with the CFOT and then with the territorial program department, where Terry has been secretary for growth and vision and Beryl director of volunteers.

Terry’s “Body Builder” column in New Frontier has long been enjoyed by many.

While enjoying retirement years at 30057 Carmel Rd., Sun City, CA 92586, there is no doubt that their ministry will continue.

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