Camp Homelani-Summer 2010

by Joe Harvey-Hall –

Team bulding exercises were an important part of the Camp Homelani summer program. [Photo by Joe Harvey-Hall]

Got ‘opihi? In Hawaii, ‘opihi are dome-shaped snail type creatures that cling firmly to rock surfaces. These interesting creatures sometimes find themselves on the luau buffet line but they do not go without a fight! The ‘opihi cling to ocean rocks, withstanding powerful waves. So, what does this have to do with Camp Homelani’s goals: saving souls, growing saints and serving suffering humanity?

Camp Homelani’s 2010 summer staff theme was “Rock of Ages” and the challenge was to build the team on firm foundation—the Rock. Like the ‘opihi, we challenged the summer team to cling to the Rock, which promises protection from the rain, wind and even ‘opihi pickers—in other words, any challenge that comes with the camp ministry from challenging campers, fatigue, living in community and anything else Satan throws in our path (Matthew 7:24-25).

With a firm foundation and some Flintstones fun, Camp Homelani welcomed some 444 campers. “Rockin’” is the best way to sum up summer 2010 at Camp Homelani. A loving and dedicated summer ministry team shared the love of Christ through programs and activities that challenged the campers to seek a deeper relationship and a firm grasp on the Rock of all ages. This year’s Jesus Walk production was one of the best with choreographed dance numbers, humor, drama, videos, hula and more dancing. The love of Christ shined brightly through the Homelani presentation of Christ’s life.

The final camp session of the summer—teen camp—was based on the movie “To Save A Life.” The teens were challenged about how everyone’s life is important no matter who they are or what they do. In addition to showing the movie, the program team developed activities that took the campers to an old graveyard, a trashed party house, a school, a picnic and a hike to a cross on the mountain. All of these activities were designed to challenge the teens to consider their life choices and how they can empower someone else, be a role model in their schools and—most importantly—live a life in Christ.

Camp Homelani is quiet again. The campers are back in school. The staff has departed and all that is left is the sweet memories of what Christ can do in two months’ time. Camp is a powerful ministry where campers find love, safety and Christ.

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