Cameo Tamala knows God is working in her life

by William Mulch, Major

Cameo Tamala

Cameo Tamala is a bright, active middle school student who lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. She first came to know The Salvation Army at the age of two when she was enrolled in the pre-school program at the Kauluwela Mission Corps. Shortly after, Cameo and her sister were invited to come to other corps activities…and have been attending ever since.

Cameo, a past recipient of the Commissioner’s Sunbeam award, is currently very involved as a Girl Guard, a singing company member and a junior soldier at the Kauluwela corps.

Outside of corps life she is a good student, finishing elementary school as her class valedictorian. Now a student at the Kawananakoa Middle School, she participates in volleyball, basketball and cross-country.

Cameo is thankful for the ministry of the corps because through it she came to know Jesus, who died for her, and has become the most special part of her life. She feels that without the corps she would have fewer friends and boring weekends. Cameo knows that God is working in her life, enabling her to make better choices.

Cameo has said that she likes The Salvation Army because the people are nice. She especially appreciates Joy Groenleer, who leads the corps’ youth programs.


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