Cadets Learn About Women’s Ministries

Men and women cadets recently gathered with territorial and divisional leaders for the Women’s Ministries Institute, held at Crestmont for one full day. The Institute is conducted every two years. Its purpose is to inspire and educate tomorrow’s officers for their role in women’s ministries.

The program’s theme was “A Fruitful Life,” presided by Colonel Gwen Luttrell, territorial women’s ministries secretary. “When we reach women, we reach their families and their friends, and we reach into their communities,” she said. “There are currently 266 Home Leagues in the Territory, 85 Home League Circles and 158 Women’s Outreach Ministries (needs based groups). These groups comprise women’s ministries, providing flexibility in the Army today.”

In her keynote address, Commiss-ioner Grace Chang, territorial president of women’s organizations, said, “Women around us live in the heart of darkness: gangs, unaffordable rent, crammed medical clinics…People want us to understand their dark world and shine the light of God’s power into it.”

Major Ralph Hood spoke of how as a corps officer he benefited from Women’s Ministries. He attributes a good deal of corps growth to Women’s Ministries. “New women come in, and eventually their families follow.” Major Ivy Hood, asst. territorial women’s ministries secretary, said that women need to feel their own worth and to know that we have the answer to their needs–Christ.

Lessons were presented on Home League, with its fourfold purpose: worship, education, service, and fellowship, as well as Women’s Outreach Ministries programs.

The instructors, who travelled from throughout the territory to attend and instruct the cadets in “corps” group settings, are the Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretaries: Lt. Colonel Sherryl Van Cleef, Major Deborah Flagg, Major Virginia Gilman, Major Eileen Hoogstad, Major Jo Ann Markham, Major Pamela Strickland, Captain Rose-Marie Leslie, and Captain Mariam Rudd. Lt. Colonel Sheryl Van Cleef and Captains Carolyn Storey and Patricia Orion prepared the Women’s Ministries Annual Luncheon as a “how to” lesson for the cadets. Major Linda Griffin, director of special services, was the CFOT coordinator.

Administration Extensions Announced

Administration Extensions Announced

Colonel Dennis L

Pray for Margaret!

Pray for Margaret!

By Colonel Bill D

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