Cadets head for summer assignments

The cadets of the Visionaries Session are set to minister at their summer internships, effective June 15 (unless otherwise noted) as follows: Cadet Jeremy Aird—Fairbanks, Alaska; Cadet Marcos Marquez—Salem, Oregon; Cadets Jonathan and Vickie Harvey—Concord, California (effective June 17); Cadet Krysten Vance—Eureka, California; Cadet Shanna Young—Turlock, California; Cadets Enrique and Maria Ramirez—Fresno, California (effective June 17); Cadets Terrence and Rutendo Masango—Spokane Citadel, Washington; Cadets Matthew and Daisy Darnell—Seattle Temple, Washington (effective June 17); Cadet Rene Carcamo—Santa Monica, California; Cadet Julie Feist—Long Beach, California.

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