Burrows Inspires Intermountain, Del Oro


CHICO, CALIF.–Gen. Eva Burrows (R) with (l-r) board members Doris Arbuckle and Venita Tutor. Tutor received a lifetime advisory board membership award.

General Eva Burrows (R) recently visited the West, where she spoke to Salvationists and friends in Denver, Colo., and in Chico, Calif.

In Denver, she visited with some 37 Metro Denver Advisory Board members and guests for a private dinner. They were enthralled by the challenging experiences she shared with them concerning her seven years as the international leader of The Salvation Army.

At “Sunday Evening at The Army” at the Denver Citadel, she addressed a packed house and spoke about the importance of living our lives on a higher spiritual plane. During the evening she was greeted by the quadruplet junior soldier children of Captains Danny and Carole Abella. Burrows dedicated them in 1991 when they were under a year old. She also visited with Brigadier Josef Korbel (R), whom Burrows admitted to the Order of the Founder in 1989 for his faithful service while under persecution in Czechoslovakia.

The General made a whistle stop in No. California as the very special guest of the Chico Corps, where she helped make Corps Officers Captains Ray and Robyn Yant’s annual dinner most memorable.

Burrows presented the Community Service Award to Patty Day for outstanding service and contributions to the City of Chico. The Media Award was given to Vice President and General Manager Bob Weise of KRCR-7. Thanks to the incredible support of this station, more than 72 tons of food were collected for the Christmas efforts.

By Christy Ziemba and Sarah Bentley – 

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