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By Jim Sparks

Youth leaders and corps officers from across the Western Territory will gather June 4, 2012, for the fourth Boot Camp. This Boot Camp will take place at the Pasadena Convention Center three days prior to The Gathering.

The guest speaker list for Boot Camp has turned into one of our best yet, with a diversity and range of topics to appeal to all. Main session speakers include General Linda Bond, Jonathan Acuff (, Dawn O’Brien (morning show radio host at The Fish 95.5 in Hawaii), Doug Fields (, Dr. Kara Powell (Fuller Youth Institute), Eugene Cho (, and Captain Roy Wild (territorial youth secretary).

For the first time, this Boot Camp will run on a track system, where delegates can attend learning tracks specific to their area of interest, including a “Sticky Faith” track on the transition from high school to college with Fuller Youth Institute, a parenting/relationship in ministry track with Dr. Jim Burns, and a practical youth ministry track with Amy Jacober. The guest speakers will trade off each day and share their expertise.

Boot Camp 2012 will also feature our own workshop teachers from around the Western Territory in the afternoon, offering up to 60 workshops on various topics that will equip, resource, and encourage.

In addition to great teaching and speaking, the event offers ample opportunity to network with other youth and corps leaders—a perfect time to “borrow” ideas and make them your own. Late night entertainment options may even include ice-skating.

If you’re a youth worker or officer looking to sharpen skills, engage with like minds, and recharge batteries to win young souls for the kingdom, visit for schedules, speaker information and registration forms.

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For such a time as this

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