Book Review_ In the Balance: Christ Weighs the Hearts of 7 Churches

InTheBalance_FrontCoverBy Kevin Jackson, Major

Whenever I see a new book on Revelation, I usually set it aside for generally one of two reasons.  Either because it’s far too technical and I don’t have a doctorate in biblical studies or because it is just another “kooky” abuse of God’s Word to create an end of the world scenario, complete with times and dates of Armageddon.

So, it is a real pleasure to read Major Allen Satterlee’s new book on the seven churches of Revelation.  He makes neither of the aforementioned mistakes in this enlightened and helpful book. The Book of Revelation is challenging at best, and it takes a skilled mind to not only interpret this biblical masterpiece, but an even more skilled writer to create readable prose. Satterlee accomplishes both.

In the Balance: Christ Weighs the Hearts of 7 Churches (Crest Books, 2013) offers deep insight to the seven churches found in Revelation on a multiplicity of levels.  Satterlee wisely chose to focus on the small struggling churches found in Revelation. He shared thoughtful insights to each and built bridges to the 21st century so the study can be helpful to any individual person of faith or to the larger community of faith.

What I enjoyed most about Satterlee’s work is the challenge to personal reflection and discussion questions. Following each chapter the reader finds a nicely done set of questions for group discussion.  The personal reflection section really challenges the reader to respond personally to the material laid out by the author. Simply put, In the Balance provides a quality resource for study of God’s Word.

I highly recommend this little book. It takes difficult subject matter and interprets it in a sound and readable manner. Great for the individual or small group to profit from its efforts to enlighten, illuminate, and challenge.

promoted to glory

promoted to glory


in process “Jesus came to save us from oursleves”

in process “Jesus came to save us from oursleves”

By Glen Doss, Major We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure

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