BOOK REVIEW – Salvationist Treasury




Though this volume’s 365 pages obviously are meant to provide a year’s musings, it begs to be read all at a sitting.

The variety of gleanings from 137 years of the Army’s best thoughts lends a feeling of anticipation to see what comes next.

A page might offer a well-known observation by the Founder, his wife or children; following could be one of General John Gowans’ insightful poems. Many familiar names here: Chick Yuill, Keilah Toy, Marlene Chase; Bob Docter; Generals Wiseman, Coutts, Brown, Rader, Burrows, Orsborn, Tillsley, While 11 contributors have been admitted to the Order of the Founder; some might be relatively unfamiliar in this country.

Gariepy has selected each with an eye to touching a chord, bringing home a thought that we can keep with us.

The forward by Commissioner John Busby puts it aptly, saying, “The trained eye, the warm heart and the keen mind of Colonel Henry Gariepy (R) has distilled a lifetime of reading of Salvation Army literature into A Salvationist Treasury, which can help us practice the scriptural admonition, ‘Be still and know that I am God.’ (Ps. 46:10). In so doing, it will deepen our understanding of the rich heritage and ministry that is ours.”

This volume belongs by the bedside or close nearby so that it can be savored and kept within.

Captain Kelly Pontsler keeps accounts in 4 countries

Captain Kelly Pontsler keeps accounts in 4 countries

Captain Kelly Pontsler Captain Kelly Pontsler reported recently to New Frontier

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$1 million check in Olympia, Wash.

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