Blix receives award for excellence

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Major Len Blix, who oversees the Cascade Division’s Correctional Services program, spends a lot of time behind bars, making a real difference in the lives of the prisoners he meets.

His 15 years of ministry in the Portland metro county jails, the juvenile detention center, and Oregon’s state prison, will be recognized in August by the American Correctional Association’s Congress of Correction according to Lt. Colonel Paul Bollwahn, national social services secretary.

His divisional commander, Major Kenneth Hodder, states, “Major’s ministry is personal and appropriate but even more so, he exemplifies in every situation the heart of his Master, our Lord Jesus Christ. It is no wonder that corrections staff and the incarcerated alike relate to his efforts on their behalf.”

Frank Thompson, superintendent of the Columbia River Correctional Institution, says of him: “Major Leonard Blix’s Christianity is seen first. He cares…it is so apparent in his active listening. He always has time—in the parking lot, in the hallway, wherever––for the inmates or staff.”

The Award for Excellence in Corrections will be presented at the Salvation Army’s Kindred Session Award Banquet in Baltimore.



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