Bible Bowl 2008 Championship

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Preparation is underway throughout the territory.

by Cari Arias –

Picture eight teenagersfour to a side with sweaty palms ready to hit the buzzer as soon as the question is asked. Victorious applause abounds with each correct answer, but more than anything, the Word is digging deeper and deeper into their hearts with each challenge.

Bible Bowl is well underway around the territory, with participants gearing up for the territorial play-offs during commissioning weekend in June. All 10 divisions have reported Bible Bowl teams that are actively studying and practicing. Divisional play-offs will be held over the next few months, determining which lucky teams will head to the “big” competition.

The mission statement of this program reads, “The Bible Bowl program was instituted to enhance the Corps Cadet program and to get young people into God’s Word. Intensive Bible study and Bible memorization help our youth grow as Christians. As they apply the truths they have learned to their everyday lives, it is anticipated that their understanding of God’s values and principles will deepen.”

And that is exactly what is happening throughout the Western Territory. Young people are digging deep into God’s Word, which in turn is growing roots deep in their hearts. They are passionate about Scripture and they are up for the challenge of competing against their peers across the territory.

The Territorial Bible Bowl Competition is scheduled to kick off Friday, June 13 at Crestmont College, with three rounds throughout the day. The competition will continue in Cerritos on Saturday, June 14, with the final championship round at 10:30 event you definitely won’t want to miss.

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