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The territorial chief secretary, Lt. Colonel Donald Bell, has reported on specific criteria to be used in the preparation of proposals for the development of Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Centers in the Western Territory. His report appears on page three.

The criteria were created by an ad hoc committee comprised of advisory board members as well as key territorial staff.

Bell noted that applicants need to complete specific forms obtained through each division. Divisions will have a role in screening and endorsing project proposals. Responses will be judged by a point system through different stages of development at both the divisional and territorial levels. The first stage concerns a determination concerning the feasibility of the project. Those projects determined to be feasible could be eligible for “pre-development money.” Applicants then will have six months to resolve issues identified in the initial proposal and complete their final submission.

Technical assistance in proposal development will be provided through territorial headquarters.

A final determination identifying those projects moving forward will take place by May 2005. Lt. Colonel Don McDougald, assistant to the chief secretary, will assume responsibility for coordinating the process.

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