Believers new to Salvation Army

by Leticia Saunders, CAPTAIN – 

THE BELIEVERS SESSION is comprised of 30 cadets, the majority of which are first-generation Salvationists.

The Believers came to Crestmont two years ago like many other newly accepted cadets: a group of strangers, linked by The Salvation Army and a common goal. They were nervous, and at the same time, they seemed to be squeaking with confidence, fully believing they could accomplish mighty things for the glory of God.

What separated the Believers from many other sessions that had come before them was the number of first-generation Salvationists that made up the session. Only three of the 30 cadets attended the Army during childhood, with only one, Cadet Cassandra (Patton) Sproule having officer parents. For many, training would be an in-depth two-year crash course in “Salvationism.”

Despite the lack of Army experience, many were not new to ministry. Cadets Eugene and Kimberly Jo had already been pastoring a Korean Methodist church, Cadets Martin and Tori Ross, as well as Cadets David and Shereen Lee had been responsible for running Army outposts in the Southwest Division, while Cadet Danette Posey had already spent several years on the mission field in Australia with another Christian organization. Yet, they all realized that there was still so much to learn about “the Army,” so they eagerly entered the training college.

The lessons learned at Crestmont College have ranged from tough collegiate courses to those uniquely Army events, such as Dinner Theater, complete with crazy cave-man costumes. They have also faced those life lessons that are not found in books, but are discovered during distressing and disappointing moments. This was learned early for the Believers session, as their Welcome Weekend was marred by the tragic events of 9/11. That weekend, the Believers proved by their actions that they were believers, as they sang joyfully of God’s love in their lives, despite the sorrow that gripped the nation.

This June, as world events remain a mixture of conflict and hope, the Believers will remind us again, from their session song . . .In a world of sinfulness, so full of hate, where the pains of life can hurt and contaminate, all the grime and grief He can eliminate…We are believers in His saving love…We are believers in His victory.

Are you a BELIEVER too?

Childcare correction
Childcare for the afternoon Commissioning and Ordination service activities will be planned for children 7-13 years (not 3-7 as previously reported).

Child care for children six months through six years will be provided during all commissioning meetings and workshops.

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