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rally day

(l-r) MAJOR RUTH RINGLE(R) and Kyle Reardon demonstrate good hoola hoop form at Denver Citadel’s Rally Day.

Denver Citadel recently celebrated a rockin’ and rollin’ Rally Day. The 1950s theme, “Hopelessly Devoted to You” was inspired by Romans 12:10. Several of the 80 adults and children in attendance turned up in 50s garb to enhance the atmosphere.

The sanctuary was “decked out” for an hour-long assembly filled with games, skits, devotions, and even a rewrite of the song, “Hopelessly Devoted to You.” Children ages 15 and under “adopted” an adult for the day, who served as teammate for the games.


Our primary aim always, in all we do, will be to radiate Christ.

After the assembly, attendants visited the “diner” (fellowship hall) where they enjoyed root beer floats and other goodies. Adopters and adoptees completed “Getting to Know You” sheets by asking each other questions.

In the spirit of Romans 12:10, adopters and adoptees strengthened cross-generational friendships. Others were also included in the fun, and Lt. Rob Reardon reported that “it was a blessing to see young and old sit side by side, excited about being in God’s house.”

Bandmaster John Covert commented during the holiness meeting, “If you missed this, you really missed something special.”

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