Bearchell to Leave THQ, Will Assume NAOC Role

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Veteran Salvationist Bob Bearchell, the Western Territory’s community relations and development secretary and publisher of New Frontier, leaves those posts March 1 to assume important leadership duties as Resident Conference Manager for the National Advisory Organizations (NAOC) Conference to be held in Pasadena, Calif., April 30-May 2 1999.

“As we prepare to move into the next century and expand the Army’s national voice of ministries, I’m delighted to have the opportunity to facilitate the ‘joining of forces’ with those thousands of volunteers throughout the nation who make possible much of what the Army is able to do,” Bearchell said.

Major Tom Jones, national community relations and development secretary, stated: “Mr. Bearchell’s appointment will be a tremendous help to National Headquarters in the planning and preparation for the upcoming NAOC ’99. The great success of the 1995 conference in Minneapolis has shown the Army that the local organization and volunteers are the key to having a successful conference. The growth of this conference has led to unparalleled opportunities for information and inspiration. We believe Bob Bearchell will be a wonderful addition to the NAOC planning team,” Jones said.

More than 3,000 members of Army advisory boards, councils, and auxiliaries are expected to converge on Pasadena for the event, the theme of which is “Joining Forces.”

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