Bandmasters gather at Music Councils

TOGETHER AT COUNCILS are (l-r) B/M James Anderson, Dr. Richard E. Holz, Captain Leonard Ballantine, B/M William Himes and B/M Ronald Waiksnoris.


James Anderson, Leonard Ballantine, William Himes, Richard Holz, Ronald Waiksnoris…what do they all have in common?

Yes, you might say that they are all incredibly talented individuals who happen to be the territorial music secretaries in the United States and Canada, but what else links them together?

Well, the fact that they all gathered together for the Southern California Division’s Music Councils 2002! This event was recently held at the Tustin Ranch Corps – a well-attended event with over 240 registered.

The all-day event featured a keynote session by Captain Ivan P. Wild, divisional youth and candidates’ secretary followed by various workshops led by the special guests.

James Anderson (USA West) led “The Youthful Advantage” which emphasized the importance of developing leadership skills in the youth of today because they are the future leaders of the Army. Leonard Ballantine (Canada & Bermuda) led “Choral Schmoral . . .who cares about art . . . we need heart!” which focused on vocal technique and presentation. Attendees of this workshop had the opportunity to perform the rehearsed piece during the musical extravaganza held that evening.

“The Heart of Worship,” led by William Himes (USA Central) focused on the different elements of a worship service and how to better present them in relevant ways as to draw people to a better and renewed relationship with God. Richard Holz (USA South) led “Music, Money, and Ministry” ­ a look at Christian Copyright Licensing (CCLI) and the laws associated with it. The “Brass Band Masterclass” led by Ronald Waiksnoris was an interactive session of brass band music playing that encouraged bandsmen and women to have fun while making music to the Lord!

All this great information…

what more could you ask for? The day did not end there. There was an opportunity to get to know the TMS’ more personally, and to top off the day, a musical extravaganza was held that evening.

It was good to see the diversity of musical expression in Southern California. The concert featured the Tustin Ranch and Pasadena brass bands and Songster brigades as well as the Divisional Latino Songsters, the Southern California Divisional Youth Band, the Sierra Del Mar Divisional Band, the Pasadena Youth Chorus, and various piano soloists. A mass choir performed “Glory, Honor” (Field). The words say, “He came from heaven God’s gift of love to take away the sin of the world.” Because of this, we believe that God’s salvation is real to us through the ministry of music.

Special thanks to Lt. Colonels Alfred and Sherryl Van Cleef, Captains Lee and Michele Lescano and the Tustin Ranch Corps for their wonderful hospitality, and last but not least to Bandmaster Kevin Larsson and Jacqui Larsson for putting together a brilliant program. What a wonderful day it was to share in music and in fellowship! What an awesome way to glorify him in knowing that God’s gift of love is real in our lives!

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