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Making dollars make sense

‘Money Matters: Make It Count’ teaches financial literacy to teens. Most parents want to be good role models for their children, but when it comes to finance... Read More
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Digital parenting

Common Sense Media guides new parents through the ever-evolving world of social media.   When Joy Mikles realized that her 8-year-old son was playing an onli... Read More
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Protecting Girlhood

Memory Banda grew up in rural Malawi in a community that practices child marriage. The girls in her village were expected to leave school to attend an initiatio... Read More
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No one likes to talk about menstruation. It's not considered a polite topic of conversation and for that reason it can be difficult to raise awareness and funds... Read More
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She’s the First

As many as 67 percent of girls in the developing world don't attend secondary school. She's the First is looking to change that through sponsorship and campuses... Read More
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Too Good to Waste

Last week, France passed a law banning the common practice among supermarkets of ruining unsold food by pouring bleach into their garbage bins filled with food ... Read More

Making the Makers

In 2008, Emily Pilloton founded Project H, a non-profit that teaches building and design skills to youth, with an emphasis on girls and children of color. Pr... Read More

The Future of Tourism

Aziz Abu Sarah wants to break down cultural and historical barriers between people through tourism. In 2009, he co-founded Mejdi Tours, a joint Jewish-Arab t... Read More

Clothed with Dignity

Tucked into trendy, walkable midtown Atlanta, Free Fab’rik is a non-profit thrift store offering free shopping sprees to women and girls in need. “Obviously ... Read More

Encouraging girls to code

Projections say there will be 1.4 million computer specialist job openings by 2020, but currently just .3 percent of high school girls major in computer science... Read More