Auburn Corps honors military women

The Salvation Army of Auburn partnered with The Forgotten Soldier Program Saturday, March 16 to celebrate Women’s History Month, by honoring all military women past and present.

“We provided refreshments, and truly the ministry of presence through prayer and conversation,” said Auburn Corps Officer Lieutenant Aline Posner. “We thank God for all the women in the service, past and present, and we are humbled to continue to serve the Auburn community.”

The event featured a full day of relaxation for the military women, with the Army providing pampering services.

“[It was] truly beautiful how many people from all walks of life gathered together to honor all women,” said Posner.

During the event, Forgotten Soldier Program Founder and Executive Director Donna Arz spoke about her passion and how she loves to help others. She also shared about starting The Armed Forces Pavilion and Community Garden in downtown Auburn that gives veterans a common place to meet and go through the healing process together.

Other speakers for the event included a veteran and Auburn Mayor Cheryl Maki. Music from bagpipes and vocalists added to the event.

“The ceremony was beautiful,” Posner said.

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