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“In planning Los Angeles’ 2004 Billy Graham Crusade” stated Steve Allen, director of Social Services for Los Angeles County, “Dr. Graham made a special request—that for the first time special attention be given both to bring the Crusade to the city, including the homeless, the marginalized and the disenfranchised, and in turn to bring the city (all the above) to the Crusade.”

Hence, the Love in Action Committee was formed, led by Dr. Keith Phillips (World Impact), assembling senior pastors from some of Southern California’s large churches. The Salvation Army played a significant role, providing early input for the visionary ideas of communal feasts that would culminate in the V.I.P. Tailgate Party.

More than 20,000 individuals in need were fed at 30 feasts of faith across greater Los Angeles. Each person heard the Gospel; many were saved! Several participating churches and corps continue to relate to the communities they helped. Prayers were certainly answered about forming lasting partnerships.

Having brought the Crusade to the city, it was time to bring the city to the Crusade, and so those attending the feasts of faith received invitations to the Billy Graham V.I.P. Tailgate Party.

More than 6,000 men, women and children attended the party, which was jointly organized by Allen, a soldier of the Pasadena Tabernacle Corps, and Tom Jordan, director of Fred Jordan Mission. With a whole convoy of IN-N-OUT Burger trucks (plenty for everyone!) flanked by Salvation Army canteens, the V.I.P. guests were treated to a number of Christian bands ranging from salsa to hip-hop on the main stage, including Impact (Pasadena Tabernacle Corps).

Other stages, strategically located around the Jackie Robinson Arena at the Rose Bowl, featured gospel magic, mime artists, dance groups, Christian comics, etc. For the many families present, there were activities for the children, including games, puppet shows, singalongs and even a petting zoo!

At the climax of the two-hour party, the 6,000 guests were escorted to the Rose Bowl Stadium to special seating for the Saturday night Billy Graham Crusade. As Graham received the banner that read “Billy Graham’s V.I.P. Tailgate Party,” he expressed his delight and gratitude to all who had participated in this unique and historic event. Later that evening, before a crowd of 95,000 people, he acknowledged the participants from the Tailgate Party, 800 of whom were from our Salvation Army shelters. Thousands of Christian commitments were made and lives changed that night, many as a result of the Crusade being brought to the city, and the city being brought to the Crusade!

Cadets ‘blitz’ city by the sea

Cadets ‘blitz’ city by the sea

by Jennifer Byrd –  <> CADETS DISTRIBUTED THE War Cry as meals were

Two armies join to serve Thanksgiving dinners

Two armies join to serve Thanksgiving dinners

SERVING THANKSGIVING DINNER are (l-r) Major General Robert Wilson, Major Joe

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