Army starts revolution!

Young Salvationists minister on the front lines in Hawaii.

by Joe NOLAND – 

The revolution has begun! Eight courageous young men and women, with revolutionary (emphasis on “evoL” backwards) hearts and a passion for the lost, are now fully functioning front-line warriors in the inaugural session of “Revolution Hawaii”! These elite few have sacrificed a year of their lives in order to train and serve as urban guerilla missionaries on the front lines of some of the worst battlefields in the Western Territory.
I can read your thoughts: “Yeah, sure [with a chuckle]. Get real! Hawaii, one of the worst battlefields in the Western Territory? No way, Jose!”

OK, let’s get real. Erase that stereotypical “paradise” image and focus with me for a moment on the “other side” of Hawaii, the one not featured on the cover of tourist destination brochures. Per capita, Hawaii has the largest population of crystal meth (ice) users in the nation. Eighty percent of violent crimes and domestic violence in Hawaii are ice related. There are as many as 30,000 ice users who spend between $540 million to $1.8 billion annually on the habit. Ice arrests and cases involving the drug are on pace this year to hit a four-year high in Honolulu, according to the Honolulu police. Guess what? It’s the victimized children who suffer most.

Did you know that 7,000 homeless (families and children) live on the beaches of Hawaii? Others are shuffled from park to park in an effort to keep them out of the tourist sight line. Tour busses will not take you to these isolated beaches and parks. You will seldom see this side of paradise. Who do you think the real victims are here?

Did you know that Waikiki has a seamy side, one hidden from view of the average tourist—that is, unless you’re looking for it? Prostitution is rampant and streetwalkers are plentiful as they pace up and down Kalakaua Avenue. Send your teenager out alone and they will be regularly approached by drug dealers on the lookout for likely customers. Don’t walk unescorted on the back streets late at night unless you are looking for trouble.
Did you know that there are housing projects in Honolulu, not unlike the projects dotting the inner city urban areas across America? Many of them are adjacent to our corps facilities and the need for intervention and “e v o L” is just as great. Satan and his minions have infiltrated paradise, believe it or not. And who are the most vulnerable?

In Revolution Hawaii’s first four weeks (under the trained and watchful eye of their leaders (Rob and Denise Noland, Jewela Campos) these eight sold-out, committed revolutionaries have explored and experienced this “other side” of paradise first hand. This will be their battleground for the ensuing eight months (with two additional months in Micronesia). This is where the revolution begins. This is where “L o v e conquers all.”
I will write regular updates, but for those of you who are computer literate, please go to and click on to the team member blogs listed on the right. Experience the revolution up close and personal. I know that each revolutionary would solicit your prayers and perhaps even a little financial support if the Spirit so leads.

You may send a donation for Revolution Hawaii c/o The Salvation Army, P.O. Box 620, Honolulu, HI 96809-0620.

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