Army in Denver helps provide new home

TSA in Denver and T&S Development give away a free condo.

by Stephanie Gustafson – 

Left to right: Captain Ron McKinney, Roger Cordova, Tiarra Cordova, Tom Collins and Roger Cordova.

On Feb. 1 in Denver, Colo., T&S Development gave away a condo as a fundraiser for The Salvation Army in Denver; the company helped the Army raise over 2,000 food items and $1,500.

630 KHOW Radio and T&S Development promoted the contest to benefit The Salvation Army. The radio station, T&S Development, The Salvation Army, and the four finalists gathered in the condo offices early Thursday morning to see who would win the $160K, 2-bed, 2-bath condo with all appliances and a $2K gift card to American Furniture Warehouse.

The finalists drew numbers out of a hat, which told them the order that they would select keys from a bowl.

The first two contestants did not have the lucky key, and as soon as the third finalist could not unlock the door, the whole room knew the fourth finalist, Roger Cordova, was the winner.

Immediately the entire room cheered and not a dry eye could be seen. 630 KHOW, T&S Development, The Salvation Army, and all of the finalists and their families were in tears.

Cordova and his two children, Tiarra, age 11 and Roger, age 20, were there to witness their father win a condo for the family. His wife, Rosemary, was at work and could not make the contest.

Cordova says, “This is a huge blessing! We have been struggling to make rent and put food on the table this past year.” He had been out of work for almost a year, but through his faith and prayers God provided Cordova with a free, new home.

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