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Del Oro partners with Feed The Children to provide food and staples in Alameda County.

by John Covert –

Volunteers help unload trucks in Oakland, Calif. [Photo by Linda Covert]

When 10 semi-trucks arrived at the Oakland Coliseum on May 4, 2010, the task awaiting volunteers was clear: Provide three boxes of food, paper and hygiene products to 2,500 needy families in Alameda County in six hours or less.

The International Feed The Children program—in partnership with The Salvation Army Del Oro Divisional Headquarters (Sacramento, Calif.)—made the deliveries.

Over 120 workers from various Army units took on duties ranging from directing parking to helping families back to their cars with their boxes. An earlier distribution of 3,600 food vouchers in one month required the efforts of all five of the Army’s social service offices in the county.

The Salvation Army was visible in the parking lot and distribution area as officers talked and witnessed to the thousands of people who poured into the facility. Advisory Board members pitched in to help—one even donning a bright orange vest over his business suit to begin directing traffic.

“As we escorted thousands of people through the distribution line our volunteers were able to share the love of Christ in a very tangible manner,” Alameda County Coordinator Major Patrick Granat said.

The Oakland Athletics Baseball organization contributed largely to the success of the project. Lew Wolff—team owner—facilitated the use of the coliseum parking lot for the event while also working on the distribution line pulling boxes off of pallets and handing them to families as they passed by. Athletics pitcher Eric Chavez also showed up to lend a helping hand.

The Del Oro Division is thankful to all the helpers and staff whose efforts were crucial in making the occasion such a huge achievement.

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