ARC training program celebrates graduates


The Adult Rehabilitation Center celebrated a special day with the graduation of four officer trainees from the ARC officer training program.

Major Ron Strickland, ARC commander, gave the graduates–Captains Kevin and Katina Hanson and Captains Beau and Mandy Perez–full title and responsibilities of ARC administrators and directors of special services.

Major Ken Gibson organized the moving ceremony held in the chapel of the Long Beach ARC with the support of Captain Dennis Earnhart, administrator. This signified one of Gibson’s last official duties as ARC general secretary.

The ARC training program is a full year of intensive preparation to becoming an ARC administrator and director of special services. The trainees participate in weekly classes that include ministry, administration, finance, program, retail and production as they relate to the ARC. The commander, general secretary and ARC directors teach these courses.

More importantly, the ARC training program includes a powerful experiential component. Each trainee is assigned to a specific ARC, where they learn and experience the day-to-day routine and responsibilities of an ARC administrator under the leadership of knowledgeable and skilled officers.

The Hansons trained under Earnhart at the Long Beach ARC, and then transferred to Santa Monica ARC as trainees in charge. The Perezes were assigned to the Anaheim ARC under Major Glenn Doss and then to the Long Beach ARC.

Captain Katina Hanson gave a humble and moving testimony about her youth and how the ministry and spirit of The Salvation Army changed her. She spoke of the pressing need for urgency.

Strickland continued the theme in his powerful message, placing our work in the context of love and service. We were reminded that the work of the ARC is 24/7, requiring a great deal of dedication and hard work­work that can only be accomplished through the guiding hands of our Lord, where we see miracles every day.

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