An ARC Christmas

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Beneficiaries find “JOY” in the holiday season.

by Oliver Stenvick, Major –

The popular Christmas song says, “It’s the most happiest time of the year.” It certainly could and should be, but when addiction has devastated your life, it robs you of every joy, including Christmas.

An old Sunday school chorus best describes how an Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC)—not just at Christmas but also throughout the entire year—works to restore the “joy” that everyone ought to experience at this “most wonderful time.” J -O – Y, that must surely mean, “Jesus first, yourself last, and others in between.” In short, this is accomplished by focusing on “others.” Small groups visit rest homes bringing joy through a friendly visit.

Throughout the ARC residence, the decorations of Christmas are everywhere. At break time, beneficiaries can enjoy special snacks, with a holiday flare. Traditional Christmas carols are played throughout the center as a reminder of the importance of Christmas. A cast of center volunteers shares a Christmas talent show that allows individuals to both enjoy and produce their own gift to the entire center population. Each beneficiary will receive his own gift of a practical personal item on Christmas morning. While ARC food should always be top notch, at Christmas an even better assortment of foods is served, followed by special chocolate candy treats.

Most importantly, the chapel Christmas message is made clear that—if anyone wants “real joy, lasting joy, wonderful joy,” it’s available by inviting Jesus to be what he came to be, our Savior.

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