Amid the unexpected, one expectation was definitely met



Cascade Youth Councils brings youth to Camp Kuratli

By Stephanie Orefice

Unexpected: bouncy balls, songs about hot pockets, magic tricks, Lt. Colonel Judy Smith showered with pitchers of water, late night worship sessions, a vault full of really big stuffed animals, Jim Sparks’ trophy, Major Bob Louangamath’s testimony.

None of those things were mentioned on the poster advertising Cascade Division’s youth councils, but all of them will remind participants of the “Unexpected” weekend event held at Camp Kuratli at Trestle Glen in Boring, Ore.

Youth councils generated laughter, whether from a Spike Arndt look-a-like beat poet, musical comedy duo Dave and Brian’s songs about Smalltown Gangstas, watching people attempt to throw ridiculous items through a basketball hoop, or watching cabin 6 Up win a bunch of meaningless points.

Amid the crazy, unexpected events was the one part of youth councils delegates expected: the presence and moving of the Holy Spirit. Each morning campers gathered with their own corps for a time of reflection and prayer before hearing the morning speakers, Lt.

Colonel Victor Doughty and Captain Paula Wild, bring the Word. Testimonies from Louangamath and Cadet Dana Walters revealed real-life accounts of God shattering expectations.

Some youth councils memories are fast, loud and unpredictable: those bouncy balls that appeared out of nowhere and turned teenagers into hungry hippos, racing as fast as they could to grab one and redeem it for a prize.

Other memories are more personal, tucked in the heart: the late-night Saturday evening acoustic worship in the Grounded Café, empty Italian soda cups scattered around, voices and hands raised.

The main memory from Youth Councils 2013 was that despite the theme of “Unexpected,” one expectation was met: through every activity and meeting, God was present to all who were at Camp Kuratli.


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