Ambassadors of Grace head off for summer

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Ambassadors of Grace are pictured with Majors Doug and Diane O’Brien (center front)The following summer assignments are effective on Thursday, June 16, 2000.

Cadet Rhonda Saunders
Petersburg, AK

Cadet Douglas Hanson
Gateway, AK

Cadet Jack Holland
Idaho Falls, ID

Cadets Van and Nathalie Young Salem, OR

Cadets Bill and Elizabeth Welch
Redding, CA

Cadets Mario and Claudia Ruiz
Tri-Cities, CA

Cadet Leslie Steward
Fresno Citadel, CA

Cadet Lourdes Griffith
San Francisco Turk Street, CA

Cadets Doug and Barry Panzer
Leeward, Oahu, HI

Cadets Shane and Gina Halverson
Kahului, Maui, HI

Cadets Dwayne and Hilary Patterson
Great Falls, MT

Cadets Saul and Jessica Doria
Bremerton, WA

Cadets Darren and Courtney Stratton
San Diego Citadel, CA

Cadets Roberto and Melissa Viquez
Santa Monica, CA

Cadet Marcey Hoffschneider
Tucson Temple, AZ

Cadets Eric and Adriana Bradley
Prescott, AZ

Cadets Dan and Anya Henderson
Phoenix South Mountain, AZ


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