Ambassadors celebrate 50 years of service


As this year’s Ambassadors of Grace Session prepared to start their ministry as new Salvation Army Officers, 49 retired officers, session mates and now-grown children gathered in a nearby restaurant to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original Ambassadors Session of cadets, who trained in San Francisco from 1950-51.

The Ambassadors, greeted by their 1951 session president Major Donald R. Pack (R), arrived from all corners of the Western Territory and beyond. A particularly bright moment was the arrival of Major Tom Cisar (R) who came with his session flag emblazoned across his chest as he entered the restaurant. He laughingly chided all of the other classmates, “Where’s your flags? Have you no session pride?”

The afternoon luncheon featured singing the session song (heartily remembered and voiced by all present) and a challenging devotional brought by Lt. Colonel Herbert Wiseman (R)–who had been an unmarried training staff officer in 1950 who subsequently married Donna–a single cadet member of the Ambassadors Session.

The reunion saw 21 of the original 36 cadets still vigorous and able to attend the reunion meeting. Letters and phone messages from several more gave added memory and conversation to the gathering.

Gibsons enter honored retirement

Gibsons enter honored retirement

Majors Kenneth and Betty Gibson recently celebrated their years of service at a

Holbrooks give memorable service in two wars

Holbrooks give memorable service in two wars

LOUISE HOLBROOK during her service in World War I BY FRANCES DINGMAN Salvation

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