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Lavina Entel, Spokane, Wash., relates an experience she and her husband shared.

“Several years ago,” she says, “I had become acquainted with a young man who I naively thought was as friendly and caring as he appeared on the surface. During the course of our friendship he would often ask for money–a few dollars here and there, to help him ‘get caught up on bills.’ Soon, it became more dollars, until I had to tell him I had no more money to give.” He became so angry, she realized he was using this money to buy drugs. Hurt and disappointed, she asked him to pay her back, but he soon just disappeared. That was early in 1995.

“I received a call this week from him and he asked if he could meet with me to make amends. We met, and his story left me in awe of God’s power in our lives.”

He shared that time and circumstances took him to the Tacoma area. He was still involved in drugs, in major trouble with the law, and at a point where he felt he should just die. Before that could happen, he found himself at The Salvation Army and stayed for six months. There he found a risen savior, one who could help free him from his addiction and pain.

“I saw a changed man,” she says. “The same man who snickered at my “religious ramblings” years ago was sharing Scripture with us and praising God. It was absolutely…words fail me. I simply stand amazed at his grace.”

And he did indeed make financial amends. Lavina and her husband sent a check for $50 to the administrative offices in Spokane. “Our hope is that it will possibly help others who are trying to recover from their addictions to find hope. May God grant blessings upon your work.”

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Tina learns a better way

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