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Museum of West launches podcast.

Want to find out about the history of The Salvation Army in the Western Territory?

The Museum of the West has launched its first All Things History podcast—available free online at the museum’s website or at the iTunes store. Hosted by Museum Coordinator Clinton Trimmer in a conversational and entertaining style, the podcast will cover every aspect of Salvation Army history in the Western Territory. It will soon incorporate a listeners’ mail segment and will cover topics suggested by listeners. The goal is to allow Salvationists and friends of the Army from all around the territory to benefit from the museum’s work.

This month the podcast takes a straightforward look at Forts Romie and Amity—The Salvation Army’s farm colonies located in what is now the USA Western Territory—and places the colonies and the characters who created them in the context of U.S. history. Trimmer suggests that the farm colonies were part of the early progressive “back to nature” movement of the late 19th century. He does not pull any punches when discussing the failings of the farm colonies, but does acknowledge that the colony program gave the Army valuable experience that it draws upon today.

This podcast is part of The Salvation Army Museum of the West’s ongoing commitment to preserve and teach the Army’s history. To search for the podcast, type “The Salvation Army Museum of the West” in the search bar, or search for the “The Salvation Army” and choose All Things History.” For more information about the museum or the podcast, go to or email the museum coordinator at

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