‘All Nations Corps’ celebrates

Members of the All Nations Corps in San Francisco, Calif. Photo by Soo-jae Kwon


On its 24th anniversary, corps takes a name to show its commitment to all peoples.

By David Oh, Lt.

“All Nations Corps” is the new name of the San Francisco Korean Corps, which celebrated its 24th anniversary on July 15. The name reflects the members’ commitment to reach out to their multicultural community and make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:19). Territorial Leaders Commissioners James and Carolyn Knaggs will preside at an official ceremony of the name change on Sept. 30.

The corps held two praise-filled meetings to recognize its anniversary. Korean Territorial Leaders Commissioners Man-Hee Park and Keum-Nyu Kim, returning from the International Conference of Leaders in Toronto, joined the celebration. Other guests included Western Territorial Adult Rehabilitation Centers Commander Major Man-Hee Chang, who previously served as the third corps officer of the San Francisco Korean Corps, and Golden State Divisional Program Secretaries Majors Robert and Stacy Birks. In the morning service the Birks awarded badges to four local officers for five and 15 years of service. Kim presented badges to women’s ministry leader Sgt. Song-Yeh Kim, community care ministries leader Sgt. Chom Yamagami, and medical ministry leader Sgt. Kay-Sook Jeon.

Park enrolled 11 new soldiers and delivered a message titled “By the power of the Holy Spirit,” based on Galatians 5:22-26. He challenged listeners to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and to produce abundant fruit of the Spirit.

The Spirit-filled celebration continued at the evening meeting, with officers and soldiers from Sunnyvale Grace Korean Corps and Tri-City Corps in attendance. After a Korean drum performance, a slideshow depicted the corps’ 24-year history. Chang and two pastors from the Korean community brought tributes, expressing respect for God’s work through The Salvation Army.

Park shared William Booth’s vision in a video clip and urged the congregation to respond to Jesus’ call to help in God’s saving work. Park based his message, “The Salvation Army changing the world,” on 1 Timothy 4:6-16. He inspired soldiers to be proud of what the Army has been doing, and urged them to go out into the world to be a force for change.

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