Alaska youth councils


Delegates to the Alaska youth councils Photo by Michelle Thielenhaus

 “Epic” weekend reveals “epic” purpose for Alaskan youth.

 By Donald Warriner, Captain

Alaskan youth and leaders descended on the Juneau Corps for youth councils, intent on discovering their part within God’s creation.

Supporting the young people in their quest were special guests Lt. Colonel Judy Smith, territorial secretary for program, Majors John and Pamilla Brackenbury, territorial candidates’ secretary and associate secretary, respectively, and Captain Roy Wild, territorial youth secretary.

Developing the “epic” theme, leaders conveyed that although young in age and lacking experience, each camper has a larger-than-life part to play in God’s scheme of things.

Friday’s message revealed epic failures, while on Saturday, delegates delved into epic purpose and the responsibility to live holy lives. Later, the message was epic calling, accepting that each person is God’s unique creation with his or her own purpose. A whale-watching trip illustrated God’s creation and how small humans are physically in comparison. Back at camp, this point was emphasized with a golf ball representing humanity, comparing its size to God’s expanse.

The final session emphasized epic responsibility, with each delegate challenged to say no to sin and to love and listen to God.

Sunday morning’s message reminded the youth of their most epic choice—to choose Jesus and his will for their lives. At the conclusion, three students stood in answer to God’s call to officership.

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