Alaska Soldiers Prepare for Centennial

Plans are underway to celebrate The Salvation Army’s 100th year of ministry in the nation’s northernmost state, with Alaskan Salvationists eagerly looking forward to the “Congress of the Century.”

“The Alaska Congress was originally instituted to give Salvationists from isolated areas an opportunity to gather together for spiritual nourishment, fellowship, instruction and training,” said Divisional Commander Major Harold F. Brodin. “Through the years, the natural exuberance and joy of Salvationists in Alaska have been expressed heartily in song as well as in colorful, dynamic ministry. It is our prayer that God will use the Congress this year to encourage and strengthen our soldiers and enable us to look toward the future with new enthusiasm and greater vision for the task of winning the world for Jesus Christ.”

Joining in the celebration will be the national leaders, Commissioners Robert and Alice Watson, Western territorial leaders Commissioners David and Doreen Edwards, and divisional leaders Harold and Joann Brodin. Also present will be Colonels Henry and Marjorie Gariepy (R), Bandmaster Ivor Bosanko and Janette Bosanko, and the Northwest Brass Ensemble.

Slated to be held March 26-29 in Haines, a town of 2500, Congress events are being coordinated by Major Dolores Rivitt (R). Highlights will include the men’s rally, League of Mercy rally, the Holiness meeting, and the World Services Ingathering and Praise service.

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