Alaska Musicians Meet In First-Ever Councils

The Alaska Division recently held its first music councils. Adapting to the abnormally warm and sunny weather, Majors Harold and Joann Brodin welcomed special guests Lt. Colonels Richard and Bettie Love, Cascade divisional leaders, and the Cascade Brass Ensemble, led by Keith Stoner.

Through praise and worship the ensemble presented an entertaining, well-balanced variety program of music ranging from contemporary through classical to traditional compositions.

Solos were performed by Major Len Blix (Flugel,) Stoner (Euphonium) and Mark Stoner (Eb bass). Songsters from Anchorage Central and Kenai added to the enjoyment of the program. A highlight was the light-hearted monologue, “The Bandmaster Who Didn’t Like Wrong Notes.”

Love’s devotional thought focused on the important role music plays in enhancing the overall worship experience.

The next day, over 60 musicians gathered at South Anchorage Corps for an excellent day of music instruction and workshops led and supported by members of the brass ensemble. Concluding the day was an enthusiastic “Celebration of Praise,” which inspired both performers and congregation. The councils concluded with a Sunday morning worship service at the South Anchorage Corps.

“This was a first for us,” said Brodin. “We were not certain how it would work out, but all our hopes and desires were met. Our musicians were thrilled with what took place and welcomed the injection of good music and Christian fellowship. Everyone appreciated the spiritual focus of worship through music. We certainly wish to continue this event in the future.”

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