Alaska men move mountains, build bunks

CSM RAY STEINER, Homer Corps, helped coordinate and supervise work projects at camp.

For four consecutive years men of the Alaska Division have gathered together at the King’s Lake Camp for a weekend of fellowship, camp projects, and spiritual enrichment. The 2002 Men’s Fellowship Camp, under the leadership of Divisional Secretary Major C. Joe Murray, had as its theme, “Men Can Move Mountains,” and the theme chorus was, “Not by Might, Nor By Power.”

Major Joe Hoogstad, territorial property secretary, was the guest speaker, and related well to the thirty-three men in attendance. During his opening statements Hoogstad said, “The projects that you work on at camp will make a difference to those who attend this camp. But God will make a lasting difference in your life this weekend if you allow him to, and he will help you to move mountains.”

Despite a steady rain the men worked on camp projects on Saturday. One crew built wooden bunk bed frames for several cabins. A second group removed and replaced a damaged culvert; a third group cleared brush and dead trees from around cabins and other buildings.

The men ate well during the weekend. Meals were prepared as a fundraiser for YouthQuake by the divisional youth department under the direction of the head cook, Captain Pam Brackenbury.

God’s spirit moved during the Sunday morning worship service, and commitments were made to the Lord. CSM Ray Steiner, from the Homer corps, enjoyed the weekend and mentioned that he was blessed by the testimonies of the other men. Victor, a camper from the adult rehabilitation program, echoed the testimonies of other men when he said that he was grateful to God and the ARP Administrator Major Marv Samuelson for allowing him to attend the Men’s Fellowship Camp.

Del Oro Camp not ‘business as usual’

Del Oro Camp not ‘business as usual’

(ABOVE) SUMMER STAFF included Fleur Thomas, Alexandra Morataya, Zamicbo Nelson

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Words of Life explores rhythms of grace

Grace has been described as knowing that there is nothing we can do to make God

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