Age Unrelated to Caring

WEST’S YOUNGEST–Daisy Mar-shall, Oceanside LOM secretary, contributes enthusiasm and compassion to the caring ministry of the corps.

All of 16 years old, Daisy Marshall is a most amazing and inspiring young lady. She’s also the West’s youngest League of Mercy (LOM) secretary.

A lifelong resident of Oceanside, Calif., Daisy was introduced to the Army by her next door neighbor and, bringing her little sister, Linda, has attended the corps regularly since the age of 14.

Living in a non-Christian home made Daisy’s decision to commit her life to Christ difficult. She overcame her struggles, however, and has not only committed her life to Christ, but has become a dedicated leader of the corps (Captains William and Brenda Mikesell). She has served as LOM secretary since age 15.

God is faithful, and through his work in her life, her sister and mother now both know Christ and attend the corps as well.

Daisy, doubling up on her junior and senior years, will graduate a year ahead of her classmates. At Youth Councils this year, she heard God’s call upon her life and is now preparing herself for future officership in The Salvation Army.

“In this giving ministry,” she says, “I am the one who receives, because by helping others through the LOM program, I am becoming a more compassionate and understanding person. God blesses me through those I visit.”

Though she can’t drive, she is a super organizer. She schedules the visits, organizes the Home League to put together the packets, contacts institutions, prints the program and schedule, and reminds when necessary.

“We are thrilled that God is working through this young lady,” says Lt. Colonel Carolyn Peacock, territorial League of Mercy secretary. “Daisy is a fine example for someone so young, and a good example of a Christian living out her commitment even when it cannot be easy.”

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