A/Captains meet at Crestmont

The recent auxiliary captain conference held at Crestmont College was the first to be held there since the new college concept was implemented.

Under the banner of “To Serve the Present Age,” eight new auxiliary captains from New Mexico, Arizona, and California met together to enhance their ministry skills. All are corps officers with growing corps. This 10-day seminar, presented by corps and staff officers from around the Western Territory, offered a wide range of learning activities from women’s ministries to men’s fellowship, from community relations to interpersonal relations, from Christmas programming to Sunday meeting programming.

Commissioners David and Doreen Edwards were the keynote speakers for the opening session.

Commissioner David Edwards challenged the audience to make their message relevant to today’s world, “to serve the present age.” The a/captains left Crestmont College greatly encouraged in their officership with the new skills and knowledge they received.

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