“A present from God”


by Reviewed by Frances Dingman – 

“A couple of foreigners who don’t speak the language, lugging four heavy bags stuffed with contraband that could get them killed.” So says the author’s husband, Charlie, describing the challenges they met while traveling behind the Iron Curtain and in China.

Alice Bratton, a soldier at the Kaulewela Citadel Corps, Hawaii, writes a lively and interesting account of two summer vacation trips in the ’80s. They were inspired by Dutch missionary Brother Andrew, who asked Western Christians to deliver Bibles at the request of persecuted believers in godless countries.
Alice describes, often with humor, their trials and narrow escapes somehow facilitated by “angels” who popped up just when all seemed lost. Trying to remain inconspicuous in the Soviet Union, they traveled and lived in a gaudy bus dubbed “Baby Blue” with dozens of Bibles hidden in garbage bags. The gratitude shown by those receiving these treasures in their native language more than compensated for the very real risks taken.

Authorities in China threw new stumbling blocks in their way, but faith and prayer came through there in miraculous ways as well.

As you wonder what trial will arise next, it is hard to put this book down.
Commissioner Doris Noland writes, “Alice is a participant in the Corps Council. She teaches Bible study at the corps and at the local women’s prison, and is actively involved in lobbying for the homeless in the islands. She is a lovely woman with a passion for the Lord and puts her faith on the line daily.”

A Present from God may be ordered from for about $11.00.

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