A Pilgrim comes to Commissioning

Cadets to stage musical based on Pilgrim’s Progress

A cast of enthusiastic performers has started practicing for this year’s commissioning musical, Pilgrim. Between rehearsing songs, fitting costumes, and learning lines–in addition to completing their usual coursework–cadets at Crestmont are finding themselves busy indeed. The musical has a cast of 60 cadets, officers, and volunteers.

Based on the well-loved book Pilgrim’s Progress (full title: The Pilgrim’s progress from this world to that which is to come), Pilgrim is a musical new to the United States, written by Major Joy Webb (R) and Keith Turton.

Bunyan, the son of a tinker, while in prison in Bedford, England in the late 1660s. His crime? Preaching in the open-air. Written to encourage and teach fellow Christians on their spiritual journey, Pilgrim’s Progress has been a source of inspiration for over 300 years.

The musical was first produced for The Salvation Army in France in 1995. Originally performed in French by the young people in the Paris area, it was later translated back into English and expanded for performance at the Marylebone Christian Arts Centre in London, England. The musical follows closely the original storyline with only a small number of incidents omitted. The script is based on a recent updated edition of the book, which although retaining the original characters and places has had much of the dialogue re-written to make it more accessible to the modern reader.

The musical is full of interesting characters, beautiful songs and colorful settings and promises to be an enjoyable and challenging evening. Why not join us on our own pilgrimage and discover for yourselves why this book has inspired people for centuries?

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